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We can adopt your school or classroom’s life skill focus of resilience, perseverance, hope, kindness, integrity, excellence, decision-making, respect, overcoming challenges, and illness using our amazing animals' real-life stories and personalities. 


Explore the different personalities of each animal, their rescue story, and the amazing emotional intelligence they exhibit. 


Learn how animals show affection, sadness, remorse, happiness, and even their playful silly side. These can be in alignment with your school’s monthly focus including Habits of Success, Leadership, Life Skills, PBIS, or other Social Emotional learning focus areas.

*Program can be adjusted or combined with other programs for any grade level Preschool-12th grade to fit your school's needs.

*For more in-depth experiences, book a program series!

Social Emotional Learning Series  Examples:

(Choose one or select several for a personalized series)

Decision Making: Even grumpy goat needs to make sure they make good choices.


Excellence: Rosie, the goat, and Lulu, the sheep, are the perfect examples of excellent caregivers for their young.


Hope: Kody, the horse, had almost given up on having a happy life, then all of a sudden things turn around.


Kindness: Native Dancer, the horse, seems to know when you might need to slow down as she offers you a hug.

Resilience: Alma, the abused horse, learns to trust humans again.


Perseverance: Gomez, the 40-year-old donkey, keeps moving forward despite many challenges.


Respect: Getting a 1000+ pound animal to do anything can only happen when there is mutual respect.


Integrity: Sampson, the donkey, accidentally causes an injury but stays to apologize and make it right.

Program  Fees

The program fee is $800 per assembly.


Grant assistance may be available for qualifying schools. Please contact us directly at for more information.


The program runs for 1hr- 1hr 30 mins.


We can break up the program into as many grade level groups as needed (such as a K-3 and or a 4-5).

Cancellation Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel your program, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can open that slot to another group. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we may not be able to refund your program but will reschedule at no cost.


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