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Assembly Programs

Through our program at Alma Bonita Animal Rescue, your students can build relationships with the animals, learn about their stories of perseverance, gain a scientific understanding of a variety of animals, observe what farm life looks like, and so much more! We prioritize student participation and opportunities to ask questions and have robust discussions. Our programs include interaction with our rescued animals- sharing their rescue stories and highlighting their individual personalities. Beyond the basic program topics, our program can be tailored to your class and may include discussions about the lives of animals on farms, aligned lessons using science standards or social-emotional learning opportunities, or even a combination of these topics. 

Preschool-12th Grade Programs

    All programs can align with:

  • State Grade Level Science

  • ELA

  • PBIS

  • SEAL

  • GLAD

  • Life Skills

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Language Development Programs

  • Or Other Standards

Our Programs Options

The Story Behind Alma Bonita Animal Rescue:

For this program, we focus on why we started an animal rescue. How did we do it? What is it like to work at Alma Bonita? Learn the answers to these questions and more!

Animals in Focus: Get to Know an Animal

​​For this program, we take a deep dive and get to know all about one particular type of animal. Choose from our long and growing list of animals!

All About Animals: Get to Know Many Kinds of Animals

This is a multi-session program which explores all the different types of animals in our rescue. Choose several types of animals to learn about through recurring assemblies allowing students to compare and contrast what they have learned.


We can adopt your school or classroom’s life skill focus of resilience, perseverance, hope, kindness, integrity, excellence, decision-making, respect, overcoming challenges and illness using the real-life stories and personalities of our amazing animals. 

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