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I'm Ramsey

Ramsey was rescued along with Lulu from a home that was unable to keep them safe from predators. With a history of mountain lion attacks the previous owners were fearful these sheep would become prayed upon by a lion that had been seen in the area recently.  With no time to spare we picked them up and brought them to ABAR where they would be safe, with guard dogs during the day and a bedtime enclosure for night.


We are Lulu, Lucy, & Pepper

Lulu is the proud mom of Lucy and Pepper.  When Lulu and Ramsey were rescued it was thought that she was pregnant.  One morning we had an amazing surprise when we came out to find two little ones that appeared to be just born!  From the very beginning, Lulu has been an amazing mother.  She nurtures, feeds them and even lets them do a little exploring while keeping a watchful eye on her lambs.  Lucy has turned out to be a mommy’s girl and can most often be found clinging to her mom.  Pepper is more adventurous and thrives on human contact, pets, treats and love.  With daddy nearby, these three will never have to be separated and will get to live as a family for the rest of their lives.


I'm Marble

Marble’s beloved owner unexpectedly died in the winter of 2020.  Heartbroken, her sister contacted us about Marble needing a new furever home.  She said she had called a number of friends and contacts, but no one would guarantee that Marble wouldn’t become someone’s dinner.  We happily promised that would never happen here, so with relief and gratitude in her heart she brought Marble to ABAR.  Marble quickly bonded to Ramsey and the alpacas.  He can usually be found either grazing with BO and Koyya or sleeping on the rocks with Ramsey.

May this season be filled with love (23).png

I'm Latte

Latte first arrived at ABAR when we were asked if we could babysit this newborn orphaned lamb. She was born on February 15th and was living on a sheep farm where she was recently rejected by her mother. The owners of the farm were going out of town and were unable to feed her the required four bottles of milk a day. During those two weeks, Latte formed a sisterhood bond with Annie, our one month old goat, who was also orphaned. We knew right away they could not be separated. As babies, these two could be seen hopping around their corral playfully or napping together in the sunshine. When we moved to our new location, Latte started an adorable new routine of leading evening zoomies with her buddies Annie, Oreo, Cowgirl, Ginger, and sometimes even Rocky joins in the fun!

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