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Learn more about the rescue animals of ABAR


Kody was estimated to be about 300 pounds underweight when we brought him to ABAR.  He was suffering from worms and lack of dental care which prevented him from being able to eat properly and gain weight.  He had rain rot and most of his hair was either missing or falling out. When we walked Kody out of the trailer into his new pasture he looked up at the sun like it was the  first time he had seen it in ages. He went from a very depressed behaving shell of a horse to becoming a very proud and noble creature that we knew was inside of him!



Gomez could not even open his mouth to eat, which led to being hundreds of pounds underweight.  He had to be hand fed mush until the vet was able to grind down the three inch tooth that was stuck in his cheek and was preventing him from being able to open his mouth to graze and take in his senior equine nutrition.  He also had not had his hooves tended to in so long that his back legs are now permanently bowed. Gomez has a very strong will to live and his donkey stubbornness is beginning to show through! His favorite things to do are to follow Kody around, take long naps in his sand pit, and get lots of pets behind his ears.

Martin and Maggie


Martin and Maggie were used for pony parties and events.  When the owner couldn’t take them around anymore due to health issues she put them in a small corral with two other large equine.  They lived in cramped quarters with little to no sunshine and leaky plumbing, which led to muddy swamp like conditions. Although they were not underweight they were lacking the medical, dental and hoof care they needed.

Rosie, Sunshine and Banjo


Rosie, Sunshine and Banjo were living in a dog kennel with no running, grazing or space to be goats.  Banjo being a male living with two females, these two ladies were breeding machines with little to no rest.  When they were rescued Rosie was pregnant with twins.

Daisy, Minnie and StevieLynn


Daisy, Minnie and StevieLynn were living all together in a dog kennel with a large children’s play structure that took up half their space.  They had nowhere to run and play and they had never been handled by people. With a lot of love and time we are confident we can win the hearts of these little beauties.


BO and Koyya

BO and Koyya came to us when their owners had to move away and gave them to someone who said she would find them a home.  When they came to us they had never been sheared in their lives and they hadn’t had their teeth tended to. They were very skittish around people and appeared fearful of almost everything.  In the year they have been here they have had their annual haircuts and teeth grinding, as well as regular vet visits and daily vitamins! These are some happy healthy boys who take their job of looking after the goats very seriously!

WeeNee Hamm and Cheyenne


WeeNee Hamm and Cheyenne were both born on the same pig farm six months apart. WeeNee Hamm was going to be a fair pig, but unfortunately, he was stepped on by his mother. Luckily, he was born on a farm where they give everyone a fighting chance so they stitched him up and nursed him back to health. Since he can no longer be a show pig and he isn’t growing at the rate of a meat pig they looked to rehome him. A typical 6 month old pig should weigh about 200 – 300 pounds, WeeNee Hamm weighs about 45 pounds…but it isn’t because he doesn’t eat!!  Believe it or not, Cheyenne is NOT a mini-pig! At around 5 pounds Cheyenne was born into a litter of piglets that became very sick. One by one her littermates died, but Cheyenne has a fighting spirit and a fairy pigmother who gave her round the clock care. Cheyenne is two months old and should weigh between 75-90 pounds. She followed her fairy pigmother around the house like a puppy and despite her size, was the boss of the house! We are very fortunate that we are being entrusted to care for WeeNee Hamm and Cheyenne here at Alma Bonita Animal Rescue!