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I'm Kody

Kody was estimated to be about 300 pounds underweight when he arrived at ABAR.  He was suffering from worms and lack of dental care which prevented him from being able to eat properly and gain weight.  He had rain rot and most of his hair was either missing or falling out.  When we walked Kody out of the trailer into his new pasture he looked up at the sun like it was the first time he had seen it in ages.  He went from a very depressed behaving shell of a horse to becoming a very proud and noble creature that we knew was inside of him!


We are Alma & Fiona

Alma and Fiona came from the same abuse and neglect rescue.  However, their stories of survival and recovery are very different.  Fiona was diagnosed with a chronic systemic infection on top of severe malnutrition and dehydration. We started her on antibiotics and slowly back on feed. It took 6 months for her to get over the infection and another six months for her to become fully healthy.  When Alma arrived she had a badly deformed crushed hip and she was in a lot of discomfort.  She also showed signs of abuse and would not let anyone near her, especially her face area. We slowly gained the trust and respect from both of these mares and now they love physical and emotional interactions with everyone they come into contact with.  These two are truly an inspiration for overcoming obstacles and resilience.


We are Martin & Maggie

Martin and Maggie were used for pony parties and events.  When the owner couldn’t take them around anymore due to health issues she put them in a small corral with two other large equine.  They lived in cramped quarters with little to no sunshine and leaky plumbing, which led to muddy swamp-like conditions. Although they were not underweight they were lacking the medical, dental and hoof care they needed.  Today they have lots of space, sunshine, snacks and love to enjoy their early retirement years. 


I'm Native Dancer

Native Dancer came to us through a phone call from a concerned neighbor.  She said there were two female horses that she let graze on her property in the spring, but it was now summer and not much grass left.   She was concerned the horses wouldn’t be properly cared for once they went back to their owner and felt it was becoming a neglect situation.  When we called the owner we found out she was dealing with some medical issues that limited her ability to care for Native Dancer and Bailey (who has since passed of old age).  We learned that Native Dancer was born on her property and she loved her very much, however with all she was trying to juggle she realized rehoming the two mares was the best thing to do.  She has been thriving ever since she arrived and  has formed a very special bond with Alma.  The two are undeniably  best friends. 


I'm Star

Star was someone’s riding horse until she became too old and unsound for riding.  She was going to be rehomed to become a companion horse, however things didn’t work out.  Star came to us very independent and uninterested in sharing space with humans or other horses.   This seems to have changed now that she has discovered that if she is social she will get treats!  Although she is still not very interested in making horse friends, Star loves to let people brush her, give her snuggles and even let a little one sit on her back.

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