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I'm Norman

This is Norman, a Black Angus calf born on a cattle ranch in Central California. Destined for the meat market, you could say his luck changed when his inexperienced mother abandoned him in the field where he was calved. A kind ranch hand saw Norman alone, hungry and cold, so he picked up the tiny calf and took him home. Knowing that Norman would someday weigh over 1500 lbs, he decided he’d better find him a more suitable home. He introduced Norman around his rural neighborhood and a family with a few acres, two mini horses and a barn took him in. The family continued round-the-clock bottle feedings and halter trained the young calf. It seemed that Norman was on his way to becoming a treasured family pet. Unfortunately, it was found that he needed a costly lifesaving hernia surgery. The family contacted Alma Bonita and told us that they couldn’t afford the surgery and were in over their heads caring for an animal that was going to weigh more than a full grown horse. It was clear to us we were Norman’s last hope. We set out with our trailer to do our first ABAR cow rescue, and Little Norman was even more precious than we had anticipated! After a successful fundraiser, Norman had his big surgery and recovered quickly. Today, Norman has a lifetime home with Alma Bonita Animal Rescue. When he gets a little bigger, Norman’s job on the farm will be that of weed control. Cattle eat a more adventurous and varied diet than horses and Norman will happily keep the brush grass down, keeping ABAR safer from wildfires.

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