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We are WeeNee Hamm & Cheyenne

WeeNee Hamm and Cheyenne were both born on the same pig farm six months apart. WeeNee Hamm was going to be a fair pig, but unfortunately, he was stepped on by his mother. Luckily, he was born on a farm where they give everyone a fighting chance so they stitched him up and nursed him back to health. Since he can no longer be a show pig and he isn’t growing at the rate of a meat pig they looked to rehome him. A typical 6 month old pig should weigh about 200 - 300 pounds, WeeNee Hamm weighs about 45 pounds…but it isn’t because he doesn’t eat!!  Believe it or not, Cheyenne is NOT a mini-pig! At around 5 pounds Cheyenne was born into a litter of piglets that became very sick. One by one her littermates died, but Cheyenne has a fighting spirit and a fairy pigmother who gave her round the clock care. Cheyenne is two months old and should weigh between 75-90 pounds. She followed her fairy pigmother around the house like a puppy and despite her size, was the boss of the house! We are very fortunate that we are being entrusted to care for WeeNee Hamm and Cheyenne here at Alma Bonita Animal Rescue!


I'm SweetPea

SweatPea came to us in a heartbreaking rehome situation.  She is loved by her humans who had to give her up due to a housing situation.  She was severely overweight which caused her to become blind as the fat above her eyes and her jowls closed her eyes shut.  We keep her on a strict diet and are hopeful her eyesight will someday come back.  She doesn’t like to venture out too far from her barn pen, but she does love to sunbathe or take a dip in her pool  if the temperature is just right.


I'm Lewis

Lewis aka Mr. Pig was rehomed to us from a family moving out of state.  We had just purchased some hatchling chicks and were in the process of designing a chicken coop when we got the call about a pot belly pig needing a new home.  The most amazing coincidence was that he would be coming with a pig/chicken coop and he had only ever lived with chickens.  Lewis currently lives with eight hens and two silky roosters.  He loves the company and doesn’t ever seem to mind them even when they steal the food right out of his bowl or mouth.

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