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We are Pegasus & Aphrodite

Pegasus (left) and Aphrodite (right) are two precious ducks that came to us from a lovely person who could not offer them enough space to spread their wings.  As tiny ducklings that could not swim they have become comfortable with the water and living with two chickens and a blind pot belly pig.  These two are inseparable and waddle around their pen looking for sunshine to nap in most of the day long.


I'm Buddy

Buddy (front) was found in a cardboard box with a female duck at Lake Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the rescuer was unaware that ducks need to have a companion, and they had given the female duck to someone else. He enjoys swimming and eating veggies, lettuce, and blueberries. He is currently living his best life and is considered a lady's man on the farm. He is quite the character and can be naughty and frisky. Girl ducks love him, and he often gets put on time out. (Betty & Doris in the back)


We are Betty & Doris

Betty (back left) and Doris (back right) were found in a box in an apartment complex. Santa Clara Valley Animal Control contacted us, and we were more than happy to take them. They like to swim and eat lettuce but most importantly they like to hang out with Buddy (front and center), our resident lady's man.


I'm Morgan

Morgan was rescued out of a dog’s mouth at the dog park here in Morgan Hill, hence the name Morgan. A construction worker heard rustling in some bushes and went to investigate the noise.  He saw Morgan fighting for her life.  He was able to coax her out of the dog’s mouth. He spent the morning contacting different agencies such as Fish and Game and Animal Services, but they were unable to take her. Then the rescuer found ABAR, and we gladly took her in. Because she was attacked by a dog, we took her to the vet. They found that she had broken legs and multiple puncture wounds. Over time, her injuries healed but to this day she walks with a limp. Morgan spends her days hanging out with her two best friends Pegasus and Aphrodite.

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We are Autumn & Leaf

While Autumn (right) and Leaf (left) are not rescues, they were picked out specifically to be Buddy’s companions. As some of you may know, ducks do not do well alone. A couple of months after we picked out Leaf and Autumn, we were contacted about rescuing two more duck friends, Betty and Doris. Then along came Pegasus and Aphrodite.  Within seven months, we would come to have eight happy ducks living at ABAR. 

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