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We are Bonnie & Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are siblings with an important job around here.  They keep our goats, sheep and alpacas safe from predators.  Although they are often sunbathing or lounging in the shade they are ready to jump up at a moment's notice to send a warning bark or chase away the seen or unseen.


I'm Apollo

Apollo had a very rough start to life.  Left in a duffel bag at the park with his three siblings he struggled to survive the heatstroke that overcame two of his sisters.  Luckily he and his brother were taken in by Northern California German Shepherd Rescue and nursed back to health. His brother Zeus was adopted, but Apollo’s health and disposition needed a little extra support from his amazing foster mom, Kathy.  The minute we saw Apollo at an adoption event we fell in love and knew he would be a perfect match for us.  Apollo loves the balance of his freedom to run on acres of land and the comforts of cuddling on the couch inside the house.


I'm Maya

Maya was sold out of the back of a car at only 5 weeks old.  She was purchased by some teenage boys who brought her home only to have the parents squash the idea.  She was turned into Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue and with our luck Apollo’s foster mom Kathy was able to take her in.  She knew we were looking for a friend for Apollo so she immediately gave us a call.  When we saw Maya we knew her silly personality would be a perfect match for Apollo’s seriousness. She has turned out to have the perfect amount of sweetness, spunk and sass to keep things very lively and lighthearted around here!

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