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I'm Twila

Twila was rescued from a flock of chickens that were attacking her to leave for dead.  She had two broken feet, no tail feathers and a large hole in her side.  She was given emergency medical treatment and physical therapy to get her healthy again. Although she still does not have full use of one of her talons, she is very mobile.  She was a house chicken for about a year until we felt confident she could play safely outside during the day and sleep in a coop in the barn at night.  She is highly intelligent and is extremely independent compared to all our other chickens.  Finding her the right friends was a struggle, but she is now happily partnered up with Chadwick a rooster that was rehomed to ABAR in the spring of 2021.


We are Stormy & Snowball

Stormy and Snowball live with eight of our hens.   Although the boys use their cock-a-doodle-doo to remind everyone of their manhood, the ladies seem to rule the roost in this pen, even bossing around Lewis the pig! As hand raised silkies, Stormy and Snowball love to be held and cuddled.  They will allow even the tiniest of humans to cradle them to sleep.  Our egg laying ladies in this pen are 4 Rhode Island Red and 4 Silver Laced Wyandottes.  They always have a lot to say and keep the conversation going strong with whoever is willing to listen.


I'm Nugget

Nugget is a rescue hen that lives with RooPaul, Gracie and Gladys.  She came to us when a teenage girl realized the tiny chick was about to be fed to a snake.  She begged her dad not to let it happen and he honored her wishes.   They drove two hours to bring the little chick to safety here at ABAR.  From the beginning Nugget didn’t behave like other chicks we had raised.  She was always hungry and didn’t move around much.  She was growing at a rate that her feathers couldn’t keep up and often looked like she had been partially plucked.  As she got older we realized she is a meat chicken as her body is ill proportioned with her breasts being so large she cannot walk or stand correctly.  We try to make her life as comfortable as possible as we live with the constant reminder of what humans have done to modify nature to fit our needs of consumption.

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