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We are Rocco & Jackie

Rocco and Jackie were born under our house when we lived in San Jose.  One night around 1:30am my boys told me about a noise they heard under their bedroom floor.  They went under the house to find a litter of kittens and no mother.  We were fortunate enough to have a connection with a local kitten foster family so they gave the family a call.  Rocco had a rough start with his health.  Ultimately he had to have his eye removed due to an infection he could not recover from.  These days you can find them sauntering around the house, insisting on cuddles or lounging around in one of the many cat perches.


We are Oliver & Liza

Oliver and Liza came from a program that works towards not euthanizing feral cats.  These barn cats have given up the wildlife to sleep away the day in the barn or sunbathe in the pasture just below to the horses. Although we are not sure they are living up to their mousing skills, we love to spoil them with treats when they check in with us. Oliver is very vocal and loves to chat it up with us or call for Liza when he cannot find her.  Liza is very quiet and independent.  She tends to return home around dinner time each evening.  They love their playtime and often will wrestle with each other in the coolness of the evenings or under the moonlight.

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