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We are Bo & Koyya

Bo and Koyya came to us when their owners had to move away and gave them to someone who said she would find them a home.  When they came to us they had never been sheared in their lives and they hadn’t had their teeth tended to.  They were very skittish around people and appeared fearful of almost everything.  In the year they have been here they have had their annual haircuts and teeth grinding, as well as regular vet visits and daily vitamins!  These are some happy healthy boys who take their job of looking after the goats very seriously!


We are Daedalus & Piccard

Daedalus (left) and Piccard (right) were living their best lives in a small town in Northern California when an unexpected death in the family caused their ranch to go up for sale. We were contacted by an alpaca rescue in Oregon with the story, and we knew we needed to step up and help in any way we could. With a lot of uncertainty about how four male alpacas would get along, we nervously took the seven hour round trip to pick up our new senior Suri Alpacas. We arrived home in the dark, so the meeting would have to wait. The next morning, the four of them just looked at one another with curiosity, but not one bit of conflict. Daedalus and Piccard stuck together as they met Bo and Koyya and discovered new pastures, shelters, and feeding spots. They fit in perfectly, and we love watching them thrive as they live out their senior years here at ABAR! Sadly, in November of 2023 Daedalus passed away of old age, but lived to the ripe old age of 19. 

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