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I'm Sammie

Sammie is our farm mascot and even made his way into our logo! He was born on a dairy farm where they typically take the males off to slaughter.  He was one of our first four goats and has stood out from the crowd since the very beginning.  He has established himself as the alpha and can often be found lounging lazily on the top of the play structure as though he were a king looking down on his kingdom.


I'm Pescie

Pescie came to us as a baby who was rejected from his mothers.  He was born into a family of three kids at a farm where they sell their goats for meat. As soon as we heard his story we scooped him up and brought them here to live in their furever home. We bottle fed him until he was able to eat solid food on his own. He is thriving and loves when visitors come and offer him animal crackers!


We are Figgy & Focus

Figgy (pictured) and Focus were added to our herd prior to ABAR.  They came to us from a local family where these two were carried around like baby dolls by the children.  Needless to say they thought they were lap dogs when they arrived and thrived on constant attention.  As part of the OG Club (original goat) Figgy, Focus, Pescie and Sammie can often be found playing head butt and other goat games together.


I'm Rosie

Rosie is the mother of Olaf and Uki.  Rosie was living in a dog kennel with two other full size goats with no grazing or space to be playful goats. She was pregnant when she arrived and in July 2019 we welcomed her two boys Olaf and Uki.  This family of three spend most of their time together napping in the sun, grazing on the grass in the pasture or playing in the rocks. As a doting mom, Rosie is always watching over her two boys and ensuring they are playing nice with each other and the other goats.  The two playful brothers are as silly as you might imagine and can entertain you for hours with their shenanigans.


I'm Cody G.

Cody G. came to us as a very distressed goat who had witnessed his herd taken out by a mountain lion. As the lone survivor he was traumatized and terrified, as goats do not do well alone. His owners did not have an enclosure to keep him safe from this predator returning, so they knew they had to rehome him. We are honored they chose us!


We are Maisy, Buttercup, & StevieLynn

Maisy, Buttercup and StevieLynn (pictured) were living all together in a dog kennel with a large children's play structure that took up half their space.  They had nowhere to run and play and they had never been handled by people.  897 6tWith a lot of love and time we are confident we can win the hearts of these little beauties.


I'm Angie

Angie was living life with her goat best friend and a human family.  In the Spring of 2021, her buddy died and Angie started showing signs of depression and anxiety.  Her human family felt that she was lonely and needed to be part of a small herd.  Luckily we were able to integrate Angie into our fragile goat/sheep/lamb herd since she is considered a super senior.  As an angora goat Angie is very soft so giving her beautiful coat a pet is as nice for you as it is for her!


We are Lightning, Polar, & Mader

Lightning (pictured), Polar and Mader lived in a very small dog kennel with nowhere to run, play or graze.  They were so full of blood sucking lice that they were anemic and extremely underweight. Luckily these boys love people and have been easy to handle as their hooves were severely overgrown and deforming the way they walk and the way their legs are formed. Mader had severe medical issues and was often fighting infections, we were fortunate enough to care for him and give him love until he passed away peacefully and loved in October 2019.


I'm Nellie

Nellie’s rescue was nearly a year in the making!  A neighbor called about a goat living in dilapidated, neglectful and extremely unsafe conditions.  She gave me the phone number of the owner and I promptly called.  I spoke to the man who assured me that the goat was well taken care of and he knew what he was doing because he has raised animals for decades.  With my hands tied I relayed this information to the neighbor.  Month after month she would call and we would create a plan to help the goat.  She called animal services and finally the man fixed the shelter and took care of the extremely long hoof.  I offered to come trim the hoof regularly, but we could not get the man’s permission.  Nearly a year later, the hoof had grown to be nearly 6 inches long, so the neighbor threatened to call animal services again.  This time he agreed to give up the goat to us.  From day one Nellie has been the happiest most expressive goat I have ever met.  She needs her hoof trimmed every three to four weeks and struggles to get around, but that doesn’t stop her from living her best life!


We are Rudy, Daisy, & Denny

Rudy, Daisy and their baby boy Denny are an adorable family that came to us in the summer of 2021. Loved by their human family who heartbreakingly had to give them up due to a change in their living conditions, these sweet goats thrive on lots of attention and pets.  They have acclimated into our goat herd beautifully and can often be found lazing around in the rock area of the hillside.  


I'm Miracle

Miracle was born on April 27, 2023. She was born in a litter of three but was rejected by her mom. The human owner figured out she was blind and needed special care. He did his best for two months but soon realized he didn’t have the time or resources for her long-term care. He came and visited to met us and determined we met the qualifications to give her the best life possible.

Thank (22).png

I'm Mirabelle

Mirabelle came to us in February 2022. She has a twin sister Oreo. Their mom was killed by a predator and the owners didn’t know how to bottle-feed. When we took them in, it was a struggle at first, because they were in shock and didn’t take well to a bottle. As Oreo continued to grow and develop typically, we noticed Mirabelle never grew past the five or six-month mark. When we had the vet examine her at a year old, she thought Mirabelle's organs were not developed enough for her to grow any larger. Mirabelle was diagnosed with diabetes in 2023, which is uncommon for goats. Sadly, after treatment, she continues to struggle with her health, but this doesn’t stop Mirabelle from living her best life. Mirabelle is the sweetest little goat with a big heart. We continue to keep a very close eye on her health to ensure she is happy and healthy.  


I'm Rocky

Rocky was born on March 10th, 2022. He came into this world with one broken leg and another deformed. Shortly after his birth, we were contacted by his farm owners looking to rehome him due to his special needs. We gladly welcomed this little bottle baby into the ABAR family. As he grew, we knew he needed additional support. With the help of the community, we were able to provide him with wheelchairs during this time. This little rock star has been featured on the 5 o'clock news and is our most famous goat. Rocky’s disability does not stop him from living his life to the fullest and he keeps pace with the other goats. He is a sweetheart who loves attention from visitors and can be seen hanging out with his best friend, Cowgirl. 


I'm Cowgirl

One early morning when a jogger was passing an abandoned field in Hollister, she heard a cry. Much to her surprise, she found a dehydrated baby goat under a deserted truck. Wanting to reunite the goat with her home, she searched for any farms nearby but had no luck. The jogger then called us, and we gladly took the goat in and named her Cowgirl. When she arrived, she was underweight and malnourished. Being so young, she required bottle feeding. Both Cowgirl (left) and Rocky (right) were brought to ABAR five days apart and bonded immediately. Cowgirl’s kind, gentle soul and instinct to protect her best friend, Rocky, melts your heart. These two can be seen eating and playing together… they are inseparable!

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